Machine Servicing & Cleaning

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Practicing routine care on your sewing machine can increase its life span and lessen the need for repairs. While practicing these maintenance tips, always unplug your machine first, for safety. 

Tips you can do at home:

  • After finishing projects, remove lint from your machine by using a small brush in any areas open to you.

  • Your machine’s needle will get dull from use, similar to your fabric scissors or rotary cutter. Change your machine needle after each major project or after about 10 hours of sewing.


Tips you should have professional help with:

  • Have your machine professionally cleaned, oiled, and greased at least once each year.

  • The cost of repairs varies depending on the severity of the problem and the availability of replacement parts. For example: Repairing an antique sewing machine, can be costly if parts are no longer made.


Jeffrey Goller is our machine technician. Jeff has a genuine, honest, and thoughtful approach to cleaning, and repairing your machine. He is experienced in many different brands, including sewing, embroidery, and computerized machines, as well as sergers.  He is also a certified Baby Lock Technician.


Here are our rates:

Servicing/ Cleaning

  • Mechanical Sewing Machine = $80

  • Computerized Sewing Machine = $90

  • Embroidery only Machine = $100

  • Combo Sewing & Embroidery Machine = $110

  • Sergers = $100

  • Jet Air Sergers = $110



  • Labor: hourly rate = $20

  • Parts and sales tax additional charges